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coffee collides with the arts in the west end of winnipeg

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The Strong Badger Chronicle is a handmade, limited-edition literary chapbook/zine. It features stories, poems, photography, and art from a variety of local artists. Submissions are welcome in person at the shop, or by lettermail! Volumes 1 & 2 are available for sale at the Coffeehouse.

The Chronicle So Far

The Strong Badger Chronicle Volume 1

Volume 1

Volume 1 was the Chronicle's inaugural volume, and contained a story, poems, and a linocut by the Strong Badger.

Volume 2

The most recent edition, Volume 2 was released on December 30, 2016. It features the work of poets Kristian Enright, Squigs, and Chris Macalino; the artwork of Kathleen Bergen; the photography of Mariana Muñoz Gomez; and a short story by Steven Benstead. Get your copy at the shop for $5!

Volume 3

NOW OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS! Writing must be under 1000 words, and images in greyscale please. Submissions can be mailed or delivered in person to the coffeehouse.

Strong Badger Coffeehouse