The Strong Badger Coffeehouse

The Strong Badger Coffeehouse is now closed for business. My deepest thanks to each and every person who came to the Badger and made it into the wonderful community space that it was. I (Brock) am taking some time for rest (you can see more details in my letter below), but please keep in touch via Facebook or Instagram - any future Badger activities will be announced there!!!

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Brock and The Strong Badger owe our eternal gratitude to many people and organizations. Among them are:

The Watershed Community / The Little Flowers Community / Daniel McIntyre - St. Matthews Community Association / Spence Neighbourhood Association / Laura's Under There / Christina W. Kroeker Creative / Galley Creative Co. / Colin Corneau Photography / Generous Space Ministries / Derrick McCandless / Compost Winnipeg / Other Brother Roasters / Red Lake Coffee / Green Bean Coffee Imports / Sheepdog Coffee Co. / Tasse Coffee / Eadha Bread / Sleepy Owl Bread / Goodies Bake Shop / Hildegard's Bakery

A Letter From Brock

Brock Peters

Photo: Colin Corneau

Dear Strong Badger Family,

As you may know, the lease on 679 Sargent Avenue expired on April 15, 2019. When I signed the lease, I negotiated a relatively short 3-year term, with an option for a 5-year renewal. Though the space at 679 has been wonderful to me and to my customers, the fact is that there's really no room to grow here, and it would be unwise of me to sign for another five years. Of course, the possibility of moving to a new space has also crossed my mind. But the honest truth is that, though I wouldn't trade these years at Strong Badger with you all for the world, I have time and again reached the limits of my mental and physical endurance. Even with all of the phenomenal support I know I would have, I feel that to re-establish somewhere else would be too great an undertaking for me right now. So, I have reached the difficult decision to close The Strong Badger Coffeehouse at 679 Sargent after March 16, 2019. I want to emphasize that this decision is based upon my personal circumstances, and that the support of my community, the viability and vibrancy of the West End, and the loyalty of my customers are all things which have blessed me in abundance and are completely beyond reproach.

The Strong Badger will certainly live on in some form, and I will rule nothing out for the future. But for now, after March 16 I plan simply to take a step back and focus on my own physical and mental well-being. I may have opened a space, but you have been its lifeblood.


Strong Badger Coffeehouse